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One of the biggest Austrian clubs of all-time, FK Austria Wien has a history with great title runs and some of the best players of all-time, such as Matthias Sindelar, Walter Nausch, Kálmán Konrád, Ernst Stojaspal, Ernst Ocwirk, Johann Mock and many more.
teamClub NameTitlesMWDLGFGAGDGF/M-
1923/24Wiener Amateur SV2822429727703,46-
» Nationalliga I.362216425319342,40-
» Wiener Cup-6600448367,33-
1925/26Wiener Amateur SV29205410345583,55-
» Nationalliga I.352415547339343,04-
» Wiener Cup-5500306246,00-
1932/33FK Austria Wien34175127562132,20-
» Nationalliga I.6th Place212293103745-81,68-
» Wiener Cup-65102610164,33-
» Mitropa Cup-631212752,00-
1935/36FK Austria Wien37196128351302,24-
» Nationalliga I.7th Place20228410444222,00-
» Wiener Cup-5500191163,80-
» Mitropa Cup-10622208122,00-
1936/37FK Austria Wien037196128351302,24Report
» Nationalliga I.Runner-Up352216335622342,54-
» Wiener CupSemi-Final-430110372,50-
» Mitropa CupSemi-Final-6501249154,00-
1952/53FK Austria Wien26213210638684,07-
» Nationalliga I.4526213210638684,07-

Notable Players
Ernst Stojaspal
Winner of the Nationalliga 1948/49, 1949/50, 1952/53 and also winner of the Austrian Cup 1947 & 1948, Ernst Stojaspal was one of the best players that FK Austria Wien had. Stojaspal was also a prolific goalscorer for the team, he was five times the top scorer of Nationalliga and Austria Wien's all-time top scorer. Matthias Sindelar
One of the key players of FK Austria Wien during the 30s, Matthias Sindelar, alongside Walter Nausch, was the player who brought a totally different level to the team. Sindelar scored important goals in Nationalliga and, more precisely, in Wiener Cup 1932/33, 1934/35 & 1935/36 which qualified Austria Wien to play the highest club competition in the 30s, the Mitropa Cup. » Matthias Sindelar | Player Profile
Sindelar won a total amount of 8 titles for FK Austria Wien. His career for the club ended, unfortunately, after getting killed. Walter Nausch
Nausch, one of the most important players & coaches which Austria Wien had, was a versatile player and the captain of the team for a long time. Nausch used to play as a full-back, left half-back & inside forward when they needed. Nausch was also one of the key players which 'Die Violetten' had in the 30s having great performances most of the titles.
1.Ernst Stojaspal1945-195452592081,24-
2.Sindelar, Matthias1925-193982253500,64Profile
3.Horst Nemec1957-196661722270,75-
4.Anton Polster1982-198741672010,83-
5.Josef Stroh1933-194871462860,51-
6.Tibor Nyilasi1983-198841111550,71-
7.Kálmán Konrád1919-19265921370,67-
8.Gustav Wieser1923-19274861040,82-