FIFA World Cup 1934 | Awards
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Best XI
Raimundo Orsi

Known for creating chances of goal with his excellent plays from the side, Raimundo Orsi was brilliant in II. FIFA World Cup. His plays helped Italy to keep going to the next round. Orsi was one of the key players of the Italian team. Orsi was always connected to the important moments which Italy had and needed him the most.

Oldřich Nejedlý

Always there when Czechoslovakia needed him, Oldřich Nejedlý was the spotlight of Czechoslovakia in the tournament. The star of AC Sparta Praha scored important goals which gave the Czech team the advantage in every match before the final. Nejedlý's best moment was when he scored a "hat-trick" against a W-M Germany

His combinations with Antonín Puč & Jiří Sobotka were always dangerous against the opponent' gate.

Angelo Schiavio

Schiavio, the great centre-forward of Bologna, started the FIFA World Cup in a stylish way. Scoring a "hat-trick" against United States of America, Schiavio, even not scoring, produced well for Italy and had some great chances.

After a great play by Guaita, Schiavio scored the second goal of Italy against Czechoslovakia. Schiavio's goal was enough to give Italy the FIFA World Cup.

Giuseppe Meazza

The star of the Italian team, Giuseppe Meazza, was the key player for his national team. Meazza's incisive ability was enough to participate in Italy's best moments. His plays were always ending in great chances of goalscoring for others.

Enrique Guaita

Guaita was the best right winger. His combinations with Meazza and Schiavio were always devastating. After a foul, commited by Meazza on Platzer, Guaita had his moment scoring against Austria and sending Italy to the semi-finals.

Luigi Bertolini

Orsi - Nejedlý - Schiavio - Meazza - Guaita
Bertolini - Monti - Wagner
Quincoces - Ženíšek
Luis Monti

Having a creative while harsh playing style, Luis Monti was a wall in front of Rosetta, Monzeglio & Allemandi. Monti was known for starting the plays of Italy and stopping the plays of the opponen in a brutal way.

Franz Wagner

Wagner was a light in a system of Meils & Hogan which did not work so well. He was one of the only players who actually played a good FIFA World Cup for the Austrian team.

Jacinto Quincoces

Alongside Ricardo Zamora & Ciriaco Errasti, Quincoces made one of the best defenses in the world. Quincoces had three brilliant matches before suffering an injury in his last match. Elected the best defender in II. FIFA World Cup, Quincoces had his highlights against Italy.

Both matches against Italy were hard. Quincoces fought well every single challenge in a true battle against Giuseppe Meazza & Raimundo Orsi.

Ladislav Ženíšek

A bulldog in Slavia's defense & Czechoslovakia defense. Pointed as one of the key players of the great Czechoslovakia campaign, Ženíšek had to face strong forward lines of Kovács & Bindia of Romania, the quick side attacks of Switzerland & the dangerous left attacks of a Italy which had Schiavio, Ferrari & Orsi.

Ženíšek, alongside Karl 'Sesta' Szestak & Jacinto Quincoces, was one of the best defenders of the tournament. His tackles, interceptations and fights for the ball were always on point. Ženíšek, unfortunely, missed the match against Germany due to an injury against Switzerland.

František Plánička

Important since the first match against Romania - Could not be different - Plánička was one of the reasons of why Czechoslovakia could go always to the next round of the tournament. Pointed by the great media as the Goalkeeper of the tournament, he was undoubtely ahead of Peter Platzer, Gianpiero Combi & even the great Ricardo Zamora.

Even with Ženíšek & Čambal having great defensive matches - Except Čambal against Romania - Plánička still hard a hard job everytime the opponent scored the first goal. Plánička had to make some of the best saves of the tournament before Junek, Svoboda, Sobotka, Nejedlý & Puč started to change the things in Czechoslovakia's favor.

Best Players

#Best Players:

1# - Giuseppe Meazza(Italy | AS Ambrosiana-Inter)
2# - Oldřich Nejedlý(Czechoslovakia | AC Sparta Praha)
3# - Raimundo Orsi(Italy | Juventus FC)

Best Centre-Forward: Angelo Schiavio.
Best Inside-Forward: Giuseppe Meazza.
Best Winger: Raimundo Orsi.
Best Side Half-Back: Luigi Bertolini.
Best Central Half-Back: Luis Monti.

Best Forward: Giuseppe Meazza.
Best Half-Back: Luis Monti.
Best Defender: Jacinto Quincoces.
Best Goalkeeper: František Plánička.


1# - Raimundo Orsi(Left Winger).
2# - Antonín Puč(Left Winger).
3# - Enrique Guaita(Right Winger).


1# - Angelo Schiavio
2# - Jiří Sobotka.
3# - Edmund Conen.

#Inside Forwards:

1# - Giuseppe Meazza(Right Half-Back).
2# - Oldřich Nejedlý(Left Half-Back).
3# - Giovanni Ferrari(Left Half-Back).

#Side Half-Backs:

1# - Luigi Bertolini(Left Half-Back).
2# - Franz Wagner(Right Half-Back).
3# - Leonardo Cilaurren(Right Half-Back).

#Centre Half-Backs:

1# - Luis Monti.
2# - Štefan Čambal.
3# - György Szűcs.


1# - Jacinto Quincoces(Left Defender).
2# - Karl 'Sesta' Szestak(Left Defender).
3# - Ladislav Ženíšek(Right Defender).


1# - František Plánička.
2# - Ricardo Zamora.
3# - Gianpiero Combi.