Dr. György Sárosi 1934/35 | Performances
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09/09/1934 Attila x Ferencvárosi FC 3-1

After a corner taken by Kemény, the ball was disputed in Attila's area, but Sárosi shot with his left foot and scored his first goal in Nemzeti
Bajnokság I 1934/35. On the other hand, the Hungarian star, who was playing as a centre-half, could not do much against the bad result which
Ferencvárosi FC had.

In general, the whole team had a bad match. Sárosi had some problems while trying to cover the line due to the bad match of both defenders. He
started making some fouls when the match was close to ending. Sárosi, in general, was the spotlight of the whole defensive system, but it was 
not much.

"The only solution is Sárosi playing as centre-forward and Móré as centre half-back" - Mihály Pataki.

Mihály Pataki was actually right. Polgár was useless while playing as a centre-forward. Ferencvárosi would produce even more with Sárosi as a 
centre-forward and Móré covering the defensive line.

16/09/1934 Ferencvárosi FC x Kispest FC 3-1

György Sárosi had an even better match than against Attila. Sárosi dribbled and sent a shot which Vág could not defend. Compared to the last
match, Sárosi seemed more agile, but still needed some more confidence.

23/09/1934 Hungária FC x Ferencvárosi FC 2-3

Sárosi did not produce against Ferencvárosi's oldest rival, Hungária, or MTK. While the other forwards had a great match, Sárosi seemed not to
be in great form. 

30/09/1934 Ferencvárosi FC x Phöbus 6-1

Sárosi had some great actions. Definitely better than his last match, he got a penalty kick for Fradi, scored once and assisted twice. Sárosi's 
assist to Toldi was a smart play. He, brilliantly, build the play, pulled the defenders and then created a good chance which Toldi scored.

2 assists

14/10/1934 Ferencvárosi FC x III. Kerület 3-1

Before half-time, Sárosi managed to scored a goal - It was reported that Sárosi seemed offisde - while playing as a centre-forward, but then 
Móré got sent off, and Sárosi had to play the centre half-back role. With the change applied, Ferencvárosi FC did not have their playmaker,
and ended up losing their incisive attacks.