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XI: Mitropa Cup 1937

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-20 15:49:59

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There are some discussions that can be held on account of the selected XI, due to the versatility of footballers in the competition, in addition to the absence in some matches. For example, due to Walter Nausch's high performance and consistency at right inside forward and left half-back, he would be my first choice for both positions. Gyula Lázár, for instance, did not reach the level of Nausch as half-back, but as the Austrian was chosen as inside right, Lázár is my first choice.
Among the wingers that reached the longest stages of the tournament, none stood out unanimously or close to that. On the contrary. There were no high levels and constancy throughout the tournament.
Another excellent discussion that can be raised in the XI is about three players who involve the cogs of the team: Matthias Sindelar, Dr. György Sárosi and Leopold Hofman.
Sindelar, according to Austrian experts, was in the splendor of his form — and this can be observed extremely easily through his exceptional performances in the tournament. He was constant and maintained the high level even in the defeat against Ferencváros. Sindelar was one of the best players in the tournament, without a doubt. Hofmann, in turn, improved throughout the tournament; having reached the peak of his performance in the competition in the matches against Ferencváros. Hofmann, however, unfortunately didn't make it that far in the tournament. Dr. Sárosi, meanwhile, played both centre-forward and centre-half. Gyurka wasn't constant, no, he improved throughout the tournament and reached very high levels in the semi-finals and finals. Like Sindelar, the Hungarian was one of the best players in the tournament.
If I had a stricter criteria, due to the fact that Hofmann has played more as a centre-half much more constantly and reached a high level in his position, he would be my centre-half for the XI. Dr. Sárosi only played twice as a centre-half and for around 30 minutes in the third match against First Vienna.
However, due to the high performances of Der Papierene and the Hungarian star throughout the tournament, there's no way they can be left out of the XI as Dr. Sárosi performed very well as a centre-half when he was chosen as such and when Sindelar performed greatly and consistently as centre-forward.
My XI for the eleventh edition of the Central European Cup:
Vogl I. Sindelar Táncos
G. Toldi Nausch
Lázár Dr. Sárosi Adamek
Sesta Tátrai