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Leopold Hofmann

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Leopold Hofmann was an Austrian centerhalf who was part of the Wunderteam. Hofmann, during his time, was known for being an extremely technical, strategic footballer and also one of the most elegant players in the world.
Hofmann was the most representative centerhalf of his country. His game could be described as being very patiant and mostly seeking the low pass. He was a refined and very elegant player. Not as offensive, determined and energetic as Josef Smistik used to be, yet a very creative player. Hofmann was the player who could build up the attacks of his team with incisive passes, he was a player who connected the most with the inside trio. His positioning was considered to be extraklassisz, a strategist many called him. He was also great in aerial plays. Indeed, he was the Emanuel Lasker of football, a strategist above the classes. — Hofmann is not as tough and is not as dynamic as Smistik, but a much more skilled player. A stylish, technical representative of centerhalf science. He is a master of position play, his actions radiate intelligence. His head game is brilliant, his passing is punctual. He makes mistakes to neglect the wings a bit and does not relieve the protection enough either. Typical builder centerhalf. Irta: Frigyes Becske. Lasker of football
Hofmann was well-know for his capacities as build up footballer. His positioning alongside his technique made him one of the best axis in the world. He — like Káďa — could smootly transition the ball from the defense to the forward line. Hofmann sense of positioning was outstanding, as he would always be a great option between lines or even would find space to receive the pass. He had skills which could nullify the pressure and send the ball to a free comrade. He was smart, full of ideas, always doing his moves with elegance. Hofmann was indeed an artist.