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Karel Pešek-Káďa

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Karel Pešek — Káďa — was a Czechoslovakian footballer who played mostly as centerhalf. During his time, Káďa was considered as one of the best players in the world, probably the most respected figure in Czechoslovakia's fields. Back in the day, he was one of the stars of the heyday of Železná Sparta.
Káďa was a mid-sized footballer, he was not tall neither strong physically, but filled with endurance and great stamine. Indeed, he was an athlete. Not only Káďa had stamina to help up front but to also cover the opponent's inside forward trio. He had great impulsion which made him great in aerial plays, also resistance to tackle skilled players. One of the reasons which made Káďa impressive was his characteristic of being very regular during the whole match, not only regarding his athletical conditions but also his temperament. He was, in fact, a consistent player. Káďa worked flawlessly in both defense and attack. — Within the Czech team Káďa was without competiton for about 10 years. While he was not outstanding physically, his technique and tactical understanding were of high class and he was a great leader of his team. — Leopold Hofmann was a type like Káďa: very precise, elegant and outstanding at heading but always seeking the low pass. — One of the best centre halves of his time was Káďa from Prague, known from the years of the great club fights between Sparta and Nürnberg. A player of mid-size height appeared as unique master of the industrious and precise style of classic centre halves, pivotal for his team and almost always his team's best player. His style was refined but still inspirited with combativeness. Káďa looked for the high pace of his team although he almost exclusively preferred the low pass, if not necessarily an excessive short passing game. Irta: Dr. Otto Nerz. Equal attributes
In debates regarding his capacity as a footballer, when his name was mentioned, it was quite difficult to tell a major characteristic of his own, due to Káďa being a very complete technical footballer. His passes were precise and always on point. In terms of passes, yes; his game could be excessive sometimes. However, although he mainly seeked the loo pass, it was also common see Káďa increasing his team's pace. He was punctual and could combine very well with the forward line. His technique also could be potentialized with his calmness, which, according to Alfréd Schaffer himself, was one of the reasons of why Káďa towered above many fooballers. Leader, calm and with refined style, Káďa was the spirit of stará masina, an elegant player with fighting style and determined. — The advantage of his game is the huge calm in his head and legs. While another centerhalf clings to you with a thud, Káda kicks in quite quietly and takes the ball from you. Irta: Alfréd Schaffer.
Káďa started as left half-back. However, when Fívebr had no more chances of playing, Káďa succeeded his abilities replacing the old centerhalf, and became one of the best centerhalves in the world — the best player by many specialists. During his career, Káďa fought alongside many great half-backs, such as František Kolenatý, Jaroslav Červený, Ferdinand Hájný, Josef Košťálek and Antonín Perner — the last one being the best according to Káďa.