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The forward line of the Wunderteam

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-06-25 21:19:40

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It was already known that Hugo Meisl would select Austria's most representative vienna-schule against Scotland, on 16/05/1931, Sunday, therefore agreeing with the high quantity of football fans, cronists, authorities and specialists. The increasing line of Sindelar's career, alongside, by that, the impressive performances of Gschweidl. However, what Meisl did not expect was that it would reflect a powerful team which would not only achieve outstanding results but also reach a mesmerizing level of an artistic game.
Gschweidl was most seen at the right side of the field, therefore positioning Sindelar as the centre-forward of the team – the commander of the attacks –, as most people wanted, was the key point of the forward line. According to the opponent's game style, the Wunderteam adapted, naturally, as if they always knew how to solve the problem. They played many formations: W-Formation & many variations of the five-forward-style line.
Vogl I. Sindelar Zischek
Schall Gschweidl
The W-Formation against Hungary, 24/04/1932.
Vogl I. Sindelar
Sindelar, the star of the line – and the team –, with his chess-like unsystematic strategic game, launched his actions; Gschweidl, the schemer of the team, was a hard-worker inside right who thought of the next movement. Gschweidl – like Konrád II. – was most located behind the four other forwards; Vogl I., the thinking mind of the left side, organized the plays alongside Sindelar & Gschweidl; Schall & Zischek were the executors of the team, both had the main task to score the goals themselves, mainly Anton Schall.
Zischek was potentialized by Gschweidl outstanding organization, as it was mentioned many times by Müller. Sindelar prefered to send the actions to the wings, therefore the ball would be centralized from the sides seeking the conclusion of Schall or Sindelar himself.