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MTK - DFC Prag, 22/09/1918

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MTK—DFC, 8:0 (2:0)

Another great performance by Aranycsapat, especially the forward line — DFC Prag collapses in the second half — An unexpected result.

In a clash scheduled for 22/09/1918, Sunday, between the famous MTK team, the Hungarian champions, and the feared DFC Prag team, led by centre-forward Karel Koželuh. The Prague team would face the blue and white side with the full-back Josef Kuchynka, the full team that defeated the Austrians champions, S.K. Rapid, by 5:3. The Pragers would appear even stronger. Back in the day, the Prague team, like other clubs, were called upon to honor the Austrian colors on Hungarian soil.
The veteran referee Akos Fehery was appointed to command the match.
International match: 22/09/1918, Sunday. MTK — DFC Prag 8:0 (2:0) Place: Hungária-út, Budapest. Referee: Akos Fehery (Budapest) Attendance: about 20.000. MTK: Ginzery — Feldmann, Orth — Kertész II., Nyúl, Vágó — Braun, Konrád II., Schaffer, Schlosser, Nagy. Coach: Jimmy Hogan. DFC Prag: Brejnik — Pavlin, Schaffer — Seifert, Dick, Rausch — Tomy, Wilda, Koželuh, Leß, Feller. Coach: ? Goals: Schlosser(2, 4min; 55min), Konrád II.(21min), Nagy(56min), Schaffer(2, 57min; 78min) and Braun(2, 80min; 88min).
This was a match that the plot was too unexpected for the impressive audience that attended. The poor performance of the visiting team, combined with the fatigue of the second half and the expulsions of Karel Wilda and Karel Koželuh, meant that the match ended with a high number of goals for the Hungarian team. MTK, in turn, presented a very solid defensive system and a very precise and goal-hungry forward line.
The beauty of the game lost a lot because there was a lot of unnecessary behavior in the second half, which ended with Koželuh and Wilda being excluded. The centre-forward was sent off due to a foul. Wilda, in turn, was sent off due to constantly insulting Akos Fehery. However, this had absolutely no influence on the outcome of the meeting, as the Hungarian champions were already leading 5:0.
The sensation of the contest was not so much the big difference in the goal difference, but rather the style in which the blue and white won the victory.
Nagy Schaffer Braun
Schlosser Konrád II.
In the first half, after some assertiveness from the visiting team, Imre Schlosser scored the first goal before the first five minutes. Around the 21st minute, Csámi Konrád scored the second of the match. The remaining minutes were played by both teams with excellent quality, especially by the Hungarian side.
It is very likely that Alfréd Schaffer assisted both goals scored by the inside forwards.
After the break, due to the visiting team's lack of attention and drop in performance, the match became too easy for the Hungarian side. In the first ten minutes of the second half, inside left Schlosser scored the third goal. In a quick sequence, Nagy and Schaffer added goals to the scoreboard — and the latter was considered the best goal of the match. After the result was 5:0 for MTK, Koželuh was sent off by Fahery. Henceforth, Schaffer scored a goal and young Braun scored two, thus closing the score for the match. During this period of time, Wilda was sent off for insulting the referee. MTK BUDAPEST
The Hungarian champions played with great sovereignty from the opening minutes. The team was very solid in its actions, especially its excellent forward line. Each sector of the field performed with excellence. His refined style of short, well-thought-out passes surpassed DFC Prag's faster, more direct style of play.
The defensive system, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, was quite solid. Very few actions from DFC Prag managed to overcome the defense, but Dénes Ginzery, who appeared to have recovered his old form, defended with great confidence. The two defenders, Feldmann and Orth, were shock-proof and their handling of the ball was planned and well thought out. The young Orth was the best defender.
The half-back line was less good than the other two ranks. It was said that Nyul played under what he was capable of, while Kertész II. and Vago were very regular compared to others.
The forward line offered exemplary play. Brilliant combinations, flawless ball play, drive and enthusiasm characterized the Hungarian forwards, each of whom gave their best. Well-thought-out attacks with great shots, barely one of which was saved, made the game a beautiful one.
MATCH REPORT: You get embarrassed if you try to single out one of the five. But what we liked best were Braun, the right winger, Konrád II. and Schaffer.
All five forwards performed with their specific mastery, especially the three inside forwards. The right side, made up of young players József Braun and Kálmán Konrád, stood out a little above the left side of the front line. Schaffer, the exceptional centre-forward, was involved in a good percentage of the goals scored. He, moreover, scored the goal that was considered an extraordinary goal, the most beautiful goal of the match. DFC PRAG
There is not much to comment about DFC Prag's bad performance.
The Prague team was decidedly disappointing. With great combinations in the field, perfect ball handling, nimble and quick to recognize situations, they were still unable to mount a dangerous attack against the Hungarian goal this time. As soon as the forward line got possession of the ball, they lost it again, which meant that the forward line was far too busy to be able to sustain the game. Due to the fatigue of the half line, the team collapsed in the second half of the game and the MTK was able to score at will.
Much was said about the absence of some of their main footballers for the match. However, due to the events of the game, this would not change DFC Prag's weak incisiveness regarding MTK's sovereignty. The lack of support from the teammates was often mentioned as one of the Germans' main debacles.
MATCH REPORT: The complete failure of D.F.C. with a goal difference of 0:8 against M.T.K. must come as the most embarrassing surprise in all Austrian sports circles.