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Preston North End F.C. - Burnley F.C., 08/09/1888

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Preston North End wins their first league match — Davie Russell to return?

The first match of the league series. North End would receive a very well strenghtned Burneley, who brough some brand new players to their team. The supporters awaited a brilliant match to be played. The weather condition and prepared ground were two great factors for a structured match. Preston North End went into the match with the absence of one of their best footballers, the centre-half David Russell. William Graham was selected as pivot.
Referee Brownlow, from Halliwell, was appointed to command the match on 08/09/1888.
First Division, 1st match: 08/09/1888, Saturday, at 15:30: Preston North End F.C. — Burnley F.C. 5:2 (2:1) Place: Deepdale, Preston. Referee: Brownlow (Halliwell). Estimated attendance: about 6.000. Preston North End F.C.: Trainer — Howarth, Holmes — Robertson, W. Graham, J. Graham — Gordon, J. Ross, J. Goodall, Dewhurst, Drummond. Umpire: Major William Suddel. Burnley F.C.: Smith — Lang, Barry — Abrams, Friel, Keenans — Brady, Tait, Poland, Gallocher, Yates. Umpire: Goals: Dewhurst(2), Gordon(1) and Ross(2) — Gallocher and Poland(header).
Goodall rolled the ball to Dewhurst; North End started the match.
The performance of North End was sharp — and it combined well with the conditions of the football match. Their combinations were punctual and artistic. The first half reflected the superiority of North End, but, already in the second half, Burnley equilised in terms of performance. The guests, however, did not turn their opportunities into goals, due to Jimmy Trainer's outstanding performance.
The first half performance was outstanding: the match was fast and precise. North End's forward line as incisive as ever, with Gordon, who had a very good summer recovery, playing one of his best matches. Both insiders, Fred Dewhurst and Jimmy Ross, were the executors agents of the forward line. John Goodall found the failures of the opposition defense and schemed the next movements of his team.