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Frequently asked questions

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-08-10 02:05:02

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These are some of the questions which I see being replicable the most. Here, I, Isaque Argolo, will answer most of them.
— When will the website be updated?
A: ARFSH does not have a proper schedule of updates. The articles and other content, including stuff related to system performance and design, will receive random updates.
— Why article X, Y or Z in development are not receiving new lines?
A: It actually depends on whether the author feels like updating them. These posts take time to receive updates and the content is hard to find or has some other problems.
— What happened to some of the old ARFTS seasons?
A: Most of them are online, but private. The rest will be uploaded as soon as possible.
— Why did you private some pages? ARFTS/ARFSH used to have everything public.
A: Sorry, I prefer the other way, too. Back in the day, the only way of ARFSH making profit was to receiving donations from our viewers. However, I saw that people were copying and pasting our content as it was not ours, and it was actually making me upset about what I was seeing. The only way was to private some articles which I understand that are important. Social media profiles/pages, newspapers, websites and many other things were taking the articles without giving any credit to the author of the post. Also, I would like to mention that the difficulty of researching the content, money to be spent, and also the time to write stuff are too valuable to make some articles public. I hope you understand.
— What are your ideas for the future of ARFSH?
A: Well, I want ARFSH to be a macro archive of information which people would use it to study football and its history. As I told many times before, I see ARFSH, today, as an encyclopedia. I also plan to always add new members to the website and articles regarding present football, too. Other ideas will appear, eventually.
— How can I see private article X?
A: You will need to contact the author of the article to read it — requires a key. Read this article for a quick information.