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Josef Bican advises young athletes II.

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Josef Bican advises young athletes II.
Josef Bican | 19/10/1947

I had to tell you so much in the introduction, and now let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the centre-forward. I am convinced that a person must be born a football player. The same goes for playing in a certain place. Plánička, for example, was a born goalkeeper. Káďa born a centre-half and etc...
Everyone just has to feel where they play best and then train specially for that place. — The centre-forward must then combine a number of traits in one person. He has to be the brain and the soul of the entire team. He has to think about every future action in a split second. He must immediately, and this is an apt word, take advantage of the opponent's slightest mistakes in a flash. So to be smart, quick, consistent and, most importantly, to master the technique of the game perfectly. A game with both feet indistinguishable as well, play with body, head. He must be able to shoot from any position. Pass accurately. Prepare balls for teammates and humorously release them. To be selfless and still enjoy the success of a friend as well as one's own.
The centre-forward must continue to be penetrating and favorably through the hardest defense.
If you have boys with all these qualities, then you will definitely be a good — even an excellent centre-forward. In my judgment, a tall player is better off in this position, but if he is fast enough and this is the case with large stumbling blocks. The best centre-forwards, Ted Drake (England), Sárosi (Hungary), Binder (Austria), confirm the truth of my words. Finally, I measure more than 180 cm.
There are many physical and mental requirements, and if you lack some, I do not give you much hope of success. It would be more sensible in that case to look at a single kind of sport. — If you find yourself embarrassed for what to decide, ask your professor or physical education teacher, or his experienced eye will easily be able to discover your talents.
And now let's get to work with gusto. You will probably ask me first how often you should exercise. I will answer you that often. At least four times a week. If it's five times, the better. However, the exercise must not last long. An hour of training is enough. It is best to exercise often and for a short time. If you admire the top performances of athletes, realize that only constant exercise makes a master, as well as off the field. Never be satisfied with your performance, even if they praise you. Only then can you become even better. Don't be fooled by the future, always stay modest. — That's how you'll keep your fame for the longest time. I can tell you that the best and most famous players I met during my time were mostly conspicuous by their modesty.