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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-11-18 11:39:30

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A brilliant move by Tostão
Isaque Argolo | 12/10/2021

I:Brazil & England, World Cup 1970, an interesting story that Tostão told is the reason for Jairzinho's goal. According to Tostão, a story that almost nobody knew is that he saw Roberto Miranda warming up, and realized that he would be replaced. Having this perception, Tostão tried to do something that would catch the public's attention.
Tostão withdrew, mastered the ball and sent a powerfull shot with his left foot. However, the ball was blocked, but it came back to Tostão. Then, he passes the ball to Paulo César Caju, receives it back, goes past the opponent, nutmegs Bobby Moore, spins and crosses, with his right foot, the ball to the middle of the area. According to Tostão, he did not see who was there, but his intent suggested that there was someone waiting for the ball — and it was Pelé. Pelé totaly killed the ball and rapidly passed it to Jairzinho who scored against Banks. It truly was a magnificent goal.
A few minutes later, Tostão was replaced by Roberto Miranda, but his idea of doing something different at all costs resulted in the only goal of the match.
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Bloomer answers five questions Isaque Argolo | 18/10/2021
II:In the 20s, one of our English colleagues asked Stephen Bloomer a few questions. It is interesting to report here the answers provided by the famous England international.
First question: What is your opinion on current football?
Bloomer: It's a game of kicks and forward charges with way too many balls in the air. There are not enough combinations. Teamwork is lost.
Second question: Which team has made the biggest impression on you since the end of the war?
Bloomer: The Aston Villa team in 1920. It was worthy of the old formations of this club.
Third question: Which goal scored by you left you with the best memories?
Bloomer: The one I got for Derby County in the cup semi-final in 1899 against Wolverhampton Wanderers. It was a lightning shot that I placed 15 meters away, after an unforgettable series of feints.
Fourth question: Who do you think was the greatest captain?
Bloomer: John Goodall. There hasn't been a better one.
Fifth question: What is the best defense system?
Bloomer: The best method has always been and still is the work of running backs. The half-back marks the inside forward and the back to stand between this insider and the winger. If the half-back does not intercept the pass to the winger, the back will stop the latter while the half-back will occupy the position of the back. This precisely executed system will always provide an extremely difficult defense to break through.
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The new Barcelona coach Isaque Argolo | 18/11/2021
III:Some recent news confirmed that Xavi is the new coach of F.C. Barcelona. I remember that even in the Setién period, Barcelona tried to bring in Xavi, but the negotiations failed — at least, that's what was reported. Indeed, the acquisition of Xavi will be interesting as it is believed that it will change the current course of Barcelona. Well, let it be a spectacle.