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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-01-07 20:34:40

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The Czech school is another strand of the Scottish style that was distributed throughout most of Central Europe — called the "Danubian style". The basis is the Scottish ground game, passes mainly — not only — short, precise, and always aimed at combinations between players. Furthermore, the vision of space and punctual time, then called the position game, where the player looks for the freest companion for a better condition, is one of the principles of the Scottish game.
In the Czech school, which had illustrious names such as John William Madden and John Dick, the coach of the greatest A.C. Sparta Praha of all-time — Železná Sparta, Stara mašina —, the triangular game stands out compared to other styles of schools implemented in Central Europe. Fast paced game, precise combinations and advances based on a smart game with a high repertoire. The intelligence, awareness of each action and the development of technical potential were above any physical quality attributed, but the latter was not neglected. Česká ulička.
A quality feature of this school is Česká ulička, which is a matching game aimed at the offensive internal trio, where through infiltration and a right timing, the centre-forward, with a more creative characteristic, launched an incisive pass that passed through gaps of the opponent's defensive system, thus placing the insider in a clear situation of scoring a goal. Currently this feature is called through-ball. With the development of teams like S.K Slavia and A.C. Sparta, this method ended up being more and more perfected until it found its main master: Václav Pilát, the centre-forward of A.C. Sparta.
Pilát ⇡
Pilát & Janda, a great duo.
The expression above features a moment when centre-forward Pilát and insider Janda are face-to-face with the One-back-system with the halves returning to cover. On that occasion, Pilát would receive the pass and Janda would infiltrate on the right side. The defenders could not reach Janda's burst of speed and he would be in an excellent condition to score a goal.