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José Piendibene
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-01-24 14:33:17 | Last Update: 2021-02-19 11:00:59

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Isaque Argolo.

José Piendibene was not like most of the contemporary centre-forwards, but a creator, a true playmaker. While playing in what the Uruguayans called abanico, Piendibene was the maestro of Penarol’s and Uruguay’s forward line for more than a decade.
Piendibene was in charge to build the attacks with both halves, and play through balls to both the insiders, or launch diagonal incisive balls to the wingers. Hence, Piendibene also used to make runs to a place where almost no forward managed to mastery the most: the opponent’s area. An impressive characteristic of Piendibene was his knowledge of dominance while he had no space inside the opponent’s area. He would make two decisive choices: He would make a swerve and then score within a close range; or he would play the balls back to the halves. Trickster
Some of Piendibene’s best movements received names from the stands. Names such as cortada, cachetada, muleta and many others were associated with Piendibene.
Technically above most of the other players in the world, Piendibene possessed the ball mastery in many ways. His passing was flat, precise and punctual; always seeking the best positioned colleague. A player with an elegant game-type but also physically well prepared.

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