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Hughie Gallacher and his temper

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-02-14 21:38:32

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It's worth mentioning that this text only deals with the consequences on the field, not about any situation that happened in Gallacher's life off the pitch.

One of Gallacher's main characteristics was his specific temperament, which was reflected by a very short fuse. Because of little things, Gallacher was irritated. Furthermore, he not only became irritated but also took more violent, more drastic actions and without the slightest notion of his attitudes. Naturally, before drinking large volumes of alcohol, Gallacher had a more stable temperament. However, as he drank more often and with more volume, Gallacher developed a certain extreme dependence on alcohol. It was common before the match to see Gallacher drinking large amounts of cognac or whiskey, and sometimes even at half-time. Effects of alcohol.
When it comes to a more strenuous habit or even alcoholism, two characteristics are presented in the human body: direct high cortisol and poor sleep quality. Alcohol causes an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, therefore causing a drastic worsening of mood and easy irritability. Poor sleep quality, or even lack of sleep, is directly linked to mood. A person who sleeps less and/or poorly tends to have a drastic worsening of mood.
On the field it was easy to annoy Gallacher. If the opponent irritated him verbally or because he was standing out against the legendary Scottish centre-forward, Gallacher was easily angered and often even violent. Due to indiscipline with the referees and opponents, Gallacher was suspended a few times.