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17/11/1956: Lucarelli interviews Julinho Botelho

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-07-29 11:49:23

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
Nino Lucarelli | 17/11/1956

Genoa, November — On any given Sunday, the new "Football Championship" begins in Italy. The champion squad, Fiorentina, has a somewhat weak match. The last result, however, indicates that it is still the strongest squad of all. We had proof of that a few days ago, watching him play in Genoa.
— Well, Julinho, to change the beginning a little: how are you?
Julinho: Honestly, I can't say I'm bad.
— As a character of Voltaire would say, it means that everything is going well, that is, everything is going as in the best of all worlds.
Julinho: Without getting lost in optimism, I can also say that I spent a splendid summer at sea, not far from Firenze, in Camaiore and now I feel optimally prepared for this second year of the Italian Championship.
— Second and... last?
Julinho: Yes, I won't play football anymore.
— Julinho, you need to distract yourself. I understand the televised spectacle, but it is not impossible. In São Paulo there are many people who are waiting for you as the Messiah and they cannot be disappointed. So, Julinho, you've been having fun, haven't you?
Julinho: Yes... I'm not afraid it's like I told you: but now I'll explain everything. My contract expires at the end of this championship, that is, between May and June. But I think that if I don't renew it, I won't let such a large squadron spend the paltry sum of fifty million lire. Which, according to the exchange rate, is equivalent to about six million to seven million cruzeiros. Simple business right now. Don't you think so?
— Certainly. But I don't know if they are of the same opinion on the other side of the ocean... Bah! No matter how bad it goes, I'll be in Italy. About 45.000 cruzeiros a month doesn't hurt...
Julinho: Not anymore, but I want to return to my homeland. I feel a lot of nostalgia.
— We changed our argument; so we avoid nostalgia. Do you think Brazilian football is in decline? Are there young people who look to the future well?
Julinho: No. It is, I think, in a period of transition. And as for young people, except improvised changes, I hope very much. Thus, Álvaro, Del Vecchio, Luizinho, Paulinho, Jair, and other cases. The game system is changing. And especially the defense that gives a lot of free space to opponents. If Brazil had Fiorentina's defense...
— Who are the best of the opposing trios?
Julinho: Nilton Santos in Brazil, the Yugoslavian Crankovic (in Lausanne 1954) abroad.
— And what is the best match, and the best goal?
Julinho: The best match: Hungary-Brazil, in Bern, 1954, and the most beautiful goal ever in the same contest, when 20 minutes into the return, the result was 2-3. But after the rain, referee Ellis and Kocsis decided everything. I recognize that Hungary was the most difficult of all, despite not having won the final. But we and the Uruguayans were also brave.
— How would you select the best European team?
Julinho: Beara — Magnini and Crankovic — Bozsik, Wright, Boskov — Kopa, Kocsis, Hidegkuti, Puskás, Czibor.
— What about the all-time Brazilian?
Julinho: Gylmar — Domingos, N. Santos — D. Santos, Brandãozinho, Bauer — Luizinho, Zizinho, Leônidas, Jair, Carreiro (Or Patesko).
— Do you expect another great Italian championship, now that it's set?
Julinho: Yes; but the cold, that's my fear. Winter is near...
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