Raymond Braine 1934-1935: Road to glory

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Braine scores his first goal in the first final | ARFTS Gallery

Raymond Braine, one of the forwards of AC Sparta Praha, had a somewhat troubled start in a part of the 1934-1935 european season. The belgian striker was the 1933-1934 Státní Liga top scorer but was failing to score a close amoubt in the following season. Braine saw František Svoboda as the top scorer of Státní Liga in the 1934-1935 edition with 27 goals in only 21 matches.

On the other hand, AC Sparta Praha of Oldřich Nejedlý, Oldřich Zajíček & Raymond Braine still had a match left, at least, compared to SK Slavia Praha. The last match of the league season would be against AFK Kolín in Kolín. In this match, the title of AC Sparta, which was only a point apart from Slavia Praha, and the score necessary to rid AFK Kolín of the downfall were at stake. Sparta eventually lost, and with that, the title eventually escaped from the hands of Slavia Praha's rival.

"Nervous team" - Czech media.

After the failures in Státní Liga 1934-1935, Sparta Praha started the Central European Cup (Mitropa Cup) drawing with First Wien 1-1. Totally lackluster match for the Praha team. The return match was in Praha, entitled to Zajíček & Braine show in a 5-3 before the fans. Shortly after this result, Sparta's football began to progress and Raymond Braine & Oldřich Zajíček's football were enough to start beating teams like Fiorentina & Juventus of Luis Monti, Borel II, Cesarini & Ferrari, and with that, the only wall separating Sparta from the title was Ferencvárosi TC.

The 9th final of the Central European Cup was played between Ferencvárosi TC of György Sárosi & AC Sparta Praha of Raymond Braine, who was already fighting to be the best player of the 1935 edition of the tournament. The match in Budapest was about to end 2-0, but Raymond Braine shot a rocket giving more chances for AC Sparta Praha in the return match. The final result ended up being 2-1 for the team of Budapest.

"Nice result" - Jaroslav Burgr.

"Braine's kick was so strong that I did not even see it happen" - József Háda.

The second match was played in Praha, the final score was 3-0 with goals from Braine twice & Ferdinand Facsinek. The final itself was a surprise for the attendance, Ferencvárosi TC was one of the best teams in Europe at the moment, but Raymond Braine, Zajíček & with two spectacular performances by the goalkeeper Klenovec gave the second title of Sparta in the competition.

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Braine scored a total amount of 7 goals in 9 matches in Mitropa Cup 1935. 3 of the total amount he scored in the two finals played against Sárori's Ferencvárosi.

Alongside the goalkeeper, Klenovec, Raymond Braine had the best individual performance in the two finals and received the highest rating and the best comments of the media and of the main tribune of Mitropa Cup 1935.

One of the best seasons for Raymond Braine if not the best. The belgium won the Mitropa Cup with AC Sparta Praha being the protagonist of the team and scoring against some of the best teams of Europe.