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16/02/2024 In the last few days, I have been working on the subscription that I mentioned previously. Honestly, I never had much desire to monetize the website. After all, it never ran ads and the key system remained active for a short period of time. Consequently, this system was neglected by me, so I no longer accepted the separate sale of articles. It has always been my goal to study and add content to my own archive, without any idea of monetization on top. If, in fact, my main objective was monetization, in just over 5 years of existence, ARFSH would already have a subscription system quickly implemented.
» As time went by, ARFSH became something big, too tiring for me. A lot has changed, the number of readers has grown a lot. Today, I see ARFSH as an immense library that will become impressively larger in the future and that, modesty aside, has a noble duty to store the history of the greatest sport of all time in the best possible way. Therefore, I must say that currently there is no way I can give up a possible way of monetizing my work.
» Related to some articles, as mentioned previously, I always value the quality of my texts; for the way I write; for historical depth; for the visual beauty of each article. Therefore, I will leave some articles as inaccessible to the public for now, including all articles I have written about football personalities. I will take the time to review each one.
» I'm finishing adjusting some aspects of the website, I just need a little more time and patience. As I mentioned, I have unified some of the articles, so some will no longer exist.
» I will soon be launching a monthly subscription.
01/02/2024 It's quite interesting how almost everything points to Preston North End, from the 80s, being, in fact, the best pre-World War II team.
17/01/2024 Change: Article 354, then "G. O. Smith describes the centre-forward position", is now "Club team of the decade: 1940". The descriptions which G. O. Smith made regarding the centre-forward position were added to article 855.
15/01/2024 I hope everyone had a great new year. It's time for me to get back to the project. I will be reviewing the quality of some articles. Some are likely to be replaced. Others, on the other hand, will be unified into other articles.
» Article 1292 — Dev. FSH. Isaque Argolo | Austerlitz — will be replaced by any other articles I add to the website. For months now I have been placing unfinished projects in ARFSH in a secondary archive where I have access.
19/12/2023 Last month, I was planning on adding the subscription system, however, as it turned out, that was not possible. That's life, unforeseen events happen. I hope that readers of the site understand the situation surrounding this project, as I am the only one working on this archive, whether adding various articles; whether in terms of programming.
10/12/2023 It used to be Káďa's All-time Continental XI, but I finally added the whole content and decided to change the name: Article 501.
09/12/2023 Plattkó playing for A.C. Sparta.
07/12/2023 Added Máspoli to article 927.
28/11/2023 I will soon be implementing the new system "registered-user-only" and a monthly subscription. Some key pages, like this one, for example, will be made public for better user access. Furthermore, I go back on what was posted here, on 17/11/2023, regarding public articles. I plan to make articles from competitions and others public.
22/11/2023 I just realized that ARFSH reached more than 2000 article ids. It is really becoming an outstanding archive. To think that I've already written millions and millions of characters of historical knowledge for this website... Well, it really has been an interesting journey. I wonder what it will look like when it reaches 10000 and even more than that.
19/11/2023 Orth, 1960: "But there is still a lot to learn. He (Pelé) is very young, he plays worried about resolving goal situations on his own. When he matures, when he starts releasing the ball to his teammates, he could be even more perfect. Pelé is lucky to find your football more organized, something that didn't happen with Leônidas da Silva who, in my opinion, was better than everyone: Vavá, Mazzola, Pelé. Nobody from that generation is as good as Leônidas was."
17/11/2023 Article 1994 is the penultimate article which I will be making public.
11/11/2023 Article 1976 unlocked.
06/11/2023 I took a few days off. Last Friday was my birthday.
28/10/2023 What great teams Sunderland A.F.C. 1912/13 and Celtic F.C. 1913/14 were.
27/10/2023 In the 1938 FIFA World Cup, Italy faced France, Brazil and Hungary, but Norway was the toughest match. Yes, the squadra could have been eliminated in the Round of 16.
26/10/2023 "By the feet of Bodnár, Hungary used to win and lose matches." This is true. Bodnár was very individualistic. Sometimes Hungary would end up winning matches due to his individual play. However, sometimes Hungary would lose matches due to him not passing the ball to a freer comrade.
24/10/2023 What a great goalkeeper Teddy Lohrmann was. One of the best Germany has ever produced for sure.
24/10/2023 Appointed by the brothers Konrád and Orth as the main person responsible for implementing the Scottish school on Hungarian soil, which became the MTK school — responsible for spreading teachings throughout the continent — it is absurd how even the Hungarians forgot Jackie Robertson . It's true that Hogan raised the level in physical matters, but it wasn't the Englishman who was responsible for teaching the old knowledge, but the left half-back of Glasgow Rangers.
23/10/2023 Regarding Wiener Amateur S.V. winning the 1923/24 championship: "The consolidation is primarily due to the entry of Lohrmann, to whom the Amateure, paradoxical as it may sound given their brilliant attacking material, owe their championship."
20/10/2023 I just saw the second goal which Kylian Mbappé scored against Netherlands. It's impressive how this player manages to score exceptional goals and at the same time waste clear chances.
14/10/2023 Article 1948 unlocked.
03/10/2023 I've read a few times that Kopecký was probably the greatest assist provider Josef Bican had. Well, it might be true. I would, however, like to mention the name of Rudi Vytlačil, who played with Bican for S.K. Rapid and at his scoring peak for S.K. Slavia.
25/09/2023 Column #83.
20/09/2023 I will be turning 24 this year. I've been studying old football since I was 17 years old. Since I started, I've read many excellent reviews about many great players in football history, but nothing like Hungarian star György Orth. To talk about his football, poetry is necessary, as it is what most reflects his game.
20/09/2023 I will be posting an article regarding Orth and Pelé soon.
15/09/2023 Vaník's play style really did look like Sindelar's. The technical gesture was identical.
11/09/2023 I found the rest of the interview: Article 3.
08/09/2023 I keep getting asked about the Boldklubben 9:0 A.C. Sparta match. No, it was not a mistake by me, this match did actually happen. It is currently private in the archive.
05/09/2023 1922: "Gone are the days when British professionals would take pleasure trips to the continent and easily win as they pleased, and so are the days when the English treated their games on the continent as amusement and wrote postcards home before the games with the results. Today, if English clubs want to win against the greats of continental football, they must use all their skills or else they will gain nothing but the conviction that the mainland's top clubs have become at least equal opponents to the most famous clubs in Great Britain."
05/09/2023 Preparing a huge amount of matches to be added.
30/08/2023 I will add the commentaries to "Budapest - Praha, 11/10/1925" later. I need to finish other articles first.
28/08/2023 DFC Praha - MTK, 15/03/1925: "Then Orth went on the defensive. In the 24th minute, the goalkeeper was chasing the ball, collided with a DFC forward, injured himself and left the field, after which Orth took his place."
09/08/2023 Article 1074 unlocked.
26/07/2023 I am modifying ARFSH on a large scale. The last articles I mentioned in "Notes" will remain public. The vast majority of articles will be classified as "private articles" — a subscription will be required to view such articles. There will be few articles classified as truly public, as I will be making most of the former public articles user-only — and I am about to make that system.
» All current articles will be revised — in terms of design and content — and more information will be added.
» In the near future, ARFSH will have articles classified as "public", "user-only", "private" — subscription required — and "personal".
12/07/2023 Hello readers. I was recently performing a system change and reviewing some articles. Because of this, almost all articles were locked. Coincidentally, in the same period of time, I ended up breaking my right hand. Content will be back soon with some changes and news.
» I would also like to mention that ARFSH is growing a lot and has started to supply football clubs.
02/07/2023 Article 1094 unlocked.
20/06/2023 I randomly chose three articles requested by the users related to South America. The following: "Antonio Sastre", "Diego Maradona - FIFA World Cup 1986" and "Alfredo Di Stéfano - European Cup 1956/57". I am finishing an article related to a player season. After that, I will make the mentioned articles as public articles.
20/05/2023 Binder.
19/05/2023 Regarding what I said on 15/05/2023, I already have received some emails. However, I will be waiting for more until the fall of this month.
19/05/2023 In the near future I will be unlocking and adding articles regarding Mitropa Cup 1933. I thought that having Mitropa Cup 1927 and 1933 unlocked would be nice for the users to have a clue of what the private articles of other editions are.
15/05/2023 Regarding South American football, do you have any content in mind which you would like to be published? I want the users to give their opinions on which article to add. Still regarding South America, I would like the users to pick some private/personal articles to become public articles. I will choose three of the ones sent. Just email me:
08/05/2023 Too tired to do something today. Tomorrow is a new day.
03/05/2023 20:45 here in Brazil. Eight articles published today, I guess it was a great day. I have been working a lot on South American football lately. Expect some great articles to be published and some which will become public in the near future.
03/05/2023 I was taking a look at some old player profiles — Sindelar's profile, precisely —, and I just realized that I really need to reformulate some of them. Although they are precise, the design is just too awful.
02/05/2023 Ah, Hanot, you just gave me a very good series to publish.
27/04/2023 I just updated the Dev page.
18/04/2023 I will watch Chelsea-Real Madrid. This match will be the topic of the next column as I will be giving my impressions regarding the clash.
17/04/2023 I guess it is time to move the attentions to South America.
10/04/2023 Article 1075 unlocked.
06/04/2023 I just improved the search system. Now you can search the title and the text inside the article, too — the text of the public ones.
04/04/2023 I just added a new search method — which I'm still improving, but it is enough for now. With this "new feature" I also added a class which is "drescription", therefore it will help the user while he is trying to search something. It will take a while to add a description to every single article.
04/04/2023 Article 1138 unlocked.
04/04/2023 Rankings: Central Europe 1920s
27/03/2023 Newest column.
24/03/2023 I might start doing these giveaways with some frequency from now on. I will let the users know when I will be doing the next one.
23/03/2023 I actually changed my mind. I will do this giveaway only for today.
23/03/2023 ARFSH has been increasing a lot lately. By the end of this month I will be giving away a private article key to users who advertise ARFSH elsewhere. Only a key per user and the user can choose the article he wants.
» The user only needs to contact ARFSH confirming the advertisement and which private article he wants to unlock.
11/03/2023 It's quite common for me to get questions about lists of the greatest players of all-time. Some come to me questioning why older players are so low on these lists or even excluded altogether. Many lists exclude nearly 100 years of history, by the way.
» Well, to begin with, when were the Cambridge rules formulated? 1863. Therefore, from 1863 to the present day all players within the Association must be taken into account. Anything other than that is an excuse for a mediocre researcher/historian who doesn't know the history of the greatest sport of all-time.
» I see some even claiming a lack of sources and information about old players — and I consider these to be the worst, because they are not decent historians, they are not able to talk about the history of football. To allege such a thing is to affirm one's own incapacity, one's own mediocrity in the area of research.
11/03/2023 Article 1493 unlocked.
06/03/2023 Article 1341 unlocked.
04/03/2023 Due to the last published articles about 1924/25, a reader ended up predicting the exact next move. I will let other readers guess which next article I will unlock...
01/03/2023 I also said that every player article from the Victorian era will be public. Yes, it will. I need more time to focus on these articles because I have been working on other projects for clubs while adding new stuff to ARFSH simultaneously.
01/03/2023 As I have commented before I will make every single article related to Mitropa Cup 1927 as public articles. The one which I just unlocked is pretty old. Therefore, I might actually change some lines, add even more stuff and make it look better.
01/03/2023 Article 449 unlocked.
28/02/2023 ARFSH just reached the mark of 1500 articles. Well, this is quite a nice number taking into account that I started operating the website frequently in 2021. Many more articles to come!
25/02/2023 I've been asked a few times why I keep my personal articles online. That's a pretty simple answer: some will eventually become private articles; others will be public articles. Others will remain in the "personal articles" category for probably forever, as it's easier to leave them in an online archive than on my computers — which already don't have enough space left to keep them.
16/02/2023 New video.
14/02/2023 Article 862 unlocked.
14/02/2023 After days of testing a few different formats and changing the site's infrastructure, I decided to make it look more clean, without too many images or any messages. I decided to remove the donate message from each article, for instance, for the simple reason that it "polluted" the article with a different look, and also because it was incredibly annoying to see it appear every time the user accessed an article. I, moreover, decided to leave the home page without many details that I was thinking of adding.
09/02/2023 Lately, as the reader may have noticed, I have been publishing many articles by past authorities. However, shortly after publishing the articles I have yet to finish transcribing, I will focus more on the "Rankings" and finally "Seasons" sections — players, clubs, competitions and territories.
06/02/2023 Unlocked one of my masterpieces — article 68. I have decided that I will leave at least one player season unlocked, therefore the readers can have an idea of the private articles.
03/02/2023 I just started uploading my "Territory level" section to ARFSH. The section is complete, and I will eventually make it public. I still need to review some other things and adapt some lines to the current design of the articles — the design of "Territory level" articles is too old. By the way, level researching of each territory is by far my favourite part of studying fooball and its history.
02/02/2023 I might start uploading some interesting stuff on YouTube: Kocsis bicycle kick goal.
02/02/2023 I decided to unlock article 1396, therefore the readers can actually see how the series looks like.
02/02/2023 ARFSH has just reached the mark of 1400 articles published. If you like the work I'm doing, please share it. It will help a lot.
01/02/2023 If you have any question about an article or some random question regarding anything related to football, don't be afraid to send an email. I actually like when readers ask questions. Even if it is regarding the third division of Hungarian football, I will gladly answer.
01/02/2023 I just updated Dev. FSH. Isaque Argolo | Austerlitz. I have been working a lot lately on the articles. I only need to link the player profiles and add some other stuff.
31/01/2023 The readers seem to enjoy when I write about Orth, for some reason. I decided to unlock article 1015. Have fun.
29/01/2023 Zidane playing indoor.
29/01/2023 I'm finally back.
29/01/2023 For some time now — and especially more recently —, I have received some emails about something that is not even an article yet or that, perhaps, never will be. It's about the player shelf in article 1292 — Dev. FSH. Isaque Argolo | Austerlitz. Apparently, there are many questions about this article, questions that I will answer now:
» No, this article has nothing to do with article 897.
» No, the shelf is not ready yet. Several players are missing, and I still have to appropriate each one correctly on their shelves. That is, there is a player on the "Extraclass" shelf, for example, which I subsequently place on the shelf below. The shelf is a long way from being finished.
» The shelf's criteria are simple: levels of football played in their careers and longevity. There is no mystery about it.
» Can more shelves be created? Yes, I have been thinking about this a lot.
» The delay in completing the shelf is due to the fact that I have more important things in ARFSH to finish or start. Rankings is not exactly the type of section I like to develop.
29/01/2023 "Last update" on the home page refers to the last article added. However, it is clear that the site is updated almost every day, as I am always adding more lines in old articles or changing something regarding the infrastructure of the website.
» The site will soon be receiving new articles. I'm on vacation from new studies for now, but I'll be returning soon.
24/01/2023 Article 997 unlocked.
24/01/2023 One of the things I think about the most about this website is how I deliver it visually, more precisely in terms of the home page design. If compared to the content of the site, of course, I see it as something secondary, but still of tremendous importance.
» About the home page, I liked the initial idea of where the three blocks were positioned; the three blocks would be more links that would lead to predetermined articles — randomly or not — or to the most accessed ones. This idea, however, doesn't sound so good to me anymore, due to the fact that there are too many images already on the home page, therefore causing a certain disconnection, a breach of standard design.
» Furthermore, the display of "Last articles" is simply awful; the display was an attempt to make it somewhat efficient, but it is aesthetically far from the site's standards.
» I will be trying new designs, but I believe that the mold that I will put up soon will be the most beautiful and efficient.
16/01/2023 Article 1306 unlocked.
16/01/2023 I just added the comments: Best full-backs: Central Europe 1920s.
16/01/2023 I was talking to a football group chat, they are quite nice. They keep me aware of what is going on with current football. I told in that same group chat that ARFSH will be focusing more on South America football. However, I would also like to point out that ARFSH will be adding a huge amount of British articles in the near future.
16/01/2023 I decided that "Gallery" won't actually be a specific page for now. I have better things to focus than images and videos. However, I will be adding stuff with IDs to the articles, therefore people can click the link and actually see images related to the article they are reading.
16/01/2023 There will be some changes in the near future. There is no need to have a section called "Lists" when I already have "Statistics" and "Rankings". Therefore, I will remove "Lists". Also, next week I plan on opening everything regarding Mitropa Cup 1927.
16/01/2023 I started writing a book.
15/01/2023 For some reason, which I actually don't know, the tables of each "Ranking" seaction are looking horrible. Well, I guess another thing to fix.
15/01/2023 Not related to the previous paragraph. I get some posts from some readers debating with random people about the content that ARFSH teaches. And I ask myself: why? Why waste time with random people who think football started in the second half of the last century? What is the real reason to argue, debate? Debate what? To prove your point? You already know what really happened, there is no reason to try to prove your point to others. Don't waste your time.
15/01/2023 If I could, I would have ended this project a long time ago. I was about to shut it down, today, 15/01/2023, but there is only a single thing which does not make do it. I'm tired, this takes a lot of my time. However, I shall build this archive — and I will do it. ARFSH will not continue without my command.
12/01/2023 This article will comment on aspects related to the website, such as infrastructure, content production, etc. Therefore, leaving "Column" to comment only on football.