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František Kolenatý - Mitropa Cup 1927

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-15 16:31:01

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František Kolenatý had been on the rise for some time now. His performances had returned to reach the level that enshrines him at the end of the last decade and in the first half of the decade. In 1927, especially in the first edition of what was then called the greatest continental club tournament, he was marked by very decisive performances for A.C. Sparta. The first two clashes of A.C. Sparta were scored against S.K. Admira, who had won their first title in 1926/27.
In the first match, on Czech soil, A.C. Sparta beat the Viennese team by a very favorable score for the second leg. The Prague team's half-back line was not in top form, but Kolenatý stood out — and by a lot — as the best player in that line and one of the best in the match. Kolenatý was constantly being talked about as being the best half-back in the world. In the second game, the scene was a complete battle played at Hohe Warte. In fact, there was no great football presented, as violence took over most of the match. The best man of the match was Kolenatý, who, according to the Austrian media themselves, all the lines failed except for Kolenatý, who demonstrated a very sovereign, controlling football and made several essential tackles for his team. Near the end of the match, more precisely in the 86th minute, Kolenatý was sent off.
Moving on to the semi-finals, A.C Sparta faced Hungária F.C. that progressively improved their team. However, the first match, which was played in Budapest, despite the score being a 2:2, was completely dominated by Sparta, which once again had František Kolenatý as their main player. Sparta's famous half-back line — Kolenatý, Káďa, Hajný — was the main cause of the dominance exercised by the visiting team.
MATCH REPORT: The most outstanding part of Sparta's team is the world-famous half-back line, the best of which is right-half Kolenatý, who plays a truly artistic brand of football, full of verve and spirit. But the Czech centre-half Káďa was no less impressive, directing his forward line with his usual subtle manoeuvres to help his defence the next moment if necessary.
In the next match, performances completely alternated. Hungária F.C. was better than A.C. Sparta on Czech soil. As much as the half-back line did not have the same performance as in the Budapest match, they were still the main players of the Sparta team. Kolenatý, once again, was the best player of the home team and one of the best players of the match. The match ended in a 0:0 draw, but the Prague team went on to play in the finals due to an irregularity, according to the tournament committee, on the part of Hungária F.C.
The first match was settled with a very good advantage since the first minute for A.C. Sparta. The famous trio worked really well. S.K. Rapid's forwards could not pass against Kolenatý & Káďa. Kolenatý got some tackles and was always controlling the match and giving long balls to the forwards. The second match was a complete battle in Viennese soil. The game did not have much to show as a football match, but with fouls and fights constantly being made. Kolenatý, playing a little up front, performed his job of covering Ferdinand Wesely with great thoroughness this time as well.
He was regular at the highest level at all stages and always stood out for his team; always mentioned as one of the top performers and almost always as the best player, either in his own half-back line or overall.