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Josef Bican

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During the heyday of the Wunderteam, a new star, brough by Schramseis, wearing the green & white colors, started to shine in Vienna, precisely in Hütteldorf. Since his first match, the young Josef Bican reflected the weltklass and, according to Hugo Meisl, the young talent would succeed Matthias Sindelar. The young talent was aware of his qualities, and did not hesitate to start his run into competitivity. He is slender in appearance, tall and had an unique confidence, always seeking to bring the victory to his team, by any way possible.
At the beggining of his career, unlike Franz 'Bimbo' Binder, Bican was far away from having a strong physic. Bican, on the other hand, was thin, agile & fast, very fast. He had a speed which was unsual to most footballers, always the number one in the speed tests of the Austrian National team. However, as Bican was getting older, he gained some mass and acquired a strong port, his resistance turned into one of his best weapons.
Bican had an aurea which overflowed while he was commanding the actions of the forward line. He dictated the plays, he controlled the forwards magnificently. His actions would launch the insiders, make an incisive run with his tremendous speed, or send a bomba shot. When Viennese public saw Bican, they had a picture of who was Alfréd Schaffer. His vision was outstanding, the perception of a true leader.
Bican could play in any position of the forward line, he even played a few moments as a winger. Bican, however, undoubtedly succeed as centre-forward. The variaty of systems and adaptations of the forward which Bican played is notorious, yet the goal-scorer managed to achieve the highest class in any system.
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S. K. Rapid's W-Formation. Statistics
1931/19321012S.K. Rapid Wien
1932/19331817S.K. Rapid Wien
1933/19343035S.K. Rapid Wien
1934/193534S.K. Rapid Wien
1935/19362011W.S.C. Admira Wien
1936/19371210W.S.C. Admira Wien
1936/193714S.K. Slavia Praha
1937/19382732S.K. Slavia Praha
1938/19392231S.K. Slavia Praha
1939/19402656S.K. Slavia Praha
1940/19412854S.K. Slavia Praha
1941/19423063S.K. Slavia Praha
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