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Maley, 1949: Two Scottish best XIs

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— Willie Maley | 11/11/1949 —

In considering the many great soccer players I have in mind out of which to build the best international team, I have to remember that as the years have flown the game has seen many changes which have affected the players as much as the play.
For instance, forwards in these days are not expected to be individualists. Still, I'll say that the beauty of our national game (especially in Scotland) is the delight of a lot of us, remembering the individual efforts of great players like Alan Morton, James Quinn, Bob McColl, Bobby Walker, Patsy Gallagher, James McMenemy, and others. Every one of them could at times turn on the personal effort, and rouse a monster crowd to great enthusiasm with a long dribble or dodging run and a scoring shot, and carry on to join in combination when necessary. MANY GREAT PLAYERS.
Changed days and changing ways make comparison difficult. Many of the names I am calling to mind will be unknown to the present very critical generation, and if I have omitted some great men from my list of the "best ever" I feel sure I will not be accused of intentionally overlooking them.
Here, therefore, is a list of Scotland's greatest players who, in my opinion, come within the scope of the job.
Goalkeepers: James Macaulay (Dumbarton), Ted Doig (Arboath and Sunderland), James Cownlie (Third Lanark), Jerry Dawson (Rangers), John Thomson (Celtic).
Backs: Dan Doyle (Celtic and Everton), Walter Arnott (Queen's Park), Andrew Hannah (Renton), Nick Ross (Preston North End), M'Combie and Watson (Sunderland), John Forbes (Vale of Leven and Blackburn Rovers), James Sharp (Dundee and Fulham), Nick Smith and Jock Drummond (Rangers), Alex M'Nair and Joe Dodds (Celtic).
Half-backs: Peter Dowds (Celtic, 1890-92), James Kelly (Celtic, 1885 to 1897), Bob Kelso (Renton and Newcastle United), Charlie Thomson (Hearts), Hugh Wilson (Newmilns and Sunderland), Nelly Gibson and Jacky Robertson (Rangers), Alex Raisbeck, Willie Loney (Celtic), Peter M'William (Newcastle United), James M'Mullan (Partick Thistle), George Brown (Rangers), Davie Meiklejohn (Rangers), Mat Busby (Manchester United).
Outside rights: Willie Gulliland (Queen's Park), Neilly M'Callum (Celtic), Jack Bell (Dumbarton), Jacky Taylor (Dumbarton), Alex Jackson (Aberdeen), Sandy Archibald (Rangers), Bobby Templeton (Kilmarnock), James Delaney (Celtic).
Inside rights: Willie Berry (Queen's Park), Bobby Walker (Hearts), James M'Menemy (Celtic), James Dunn (Hibernian), Tommy Walker (Hearts), A. Cunningham (Rangers).
Centres: George Kerr (Queen's Park), R. C. Hamilton (Queen's Park and Rangers), Willie Reid (Rangers), Hugh Gallacher (Airdrie), James Quinn (Celtic), R. S. McColl (Queen's Park), James Oswald (Third Lanark), James M'Grory (Celtic).
Inside lefts: James M'Coll (Renton), Sandy M'Mahon (Celtic), John Campbell (Celtic), Tommy Cairns (Rangers), Bob M'Phail (Rangers).
Outside lefts: Bobby Templeton (Kilmarnock), Alan Morton (Rangers), John Campbell (Celtic), W. Lambie (Queen's Park), Alex Smith (Rangers). TWO "BEST EVERS."
And to complete the job I offer the Scottish football fans who know me so well by best-over-the-years team (with a reserve eleven), with the hope that those who disagree wit hme will at least allow the other fellow's ideas, and concede "that he who lives longest sees most."
I claim to have seen and admired the famous players whose names I put forward, with the thought that if Scotland had had the equal of either of "my teams" for the big game there would be no difficulty in saying how we would fare.
Morton Quinn M'Callum
M'Mahon Walker
Doyle N. Ross
A. Smith Gallacher Jackson
B. M'Phail M'Menemy
M'Mullan Thomson N. Gibson
Watson M'Combie