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Column #2

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-09-29 17:10:29

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
Bayern dominates Barcelona
Isaque Argolo | 14/09/2021

Before the start of the match, I had warned some friends about the dominance that Bayern would exert against the Catalonia team; I claimed that it would be a better condition if the W.O were applied. After all, there was no way for Barcelona to face Bayern on an equal level, or at least to lose for a few goals. Well, I believe they even lost for a few goals, as Bayern could have scored a lot more goals.
Right in the opening minutes, I noticed a Barcelona not as weak as expected, but below, nonetheless. Bayern took a while to score, but the first goal, scored by Muller, was a lucky break that aimed at the side that would bring an even more superior Bayern in the following minutes.
Barcelona were clearly far more tiring than the Bayern players, who, notoriously, have much better physical work than the Blaugrnas. Little by little, Bayern dominated the Camp Nou, much faster, prepared and physically stronger — arguably stronger.
Not only do Bayern have a technical and tactical side — this work very well for the young Julian Nagelsmann and his staff — but they also have a stupendous physical preparation, very different from what you see at Barcelona. Koeman's team was tiring to the point where it could no longer keep up with the moves and races of Bayern players.
I honestly expected a wider result, but the blame can be applied to the Barcelona goalkeeper, having Stegen, who made excellent saves.
Well, this was just the first game — and it was at Camp Nou. If you follow this exact pace, the match at Allianz Arena will be even worse, much worse.
Today, 14/09/2021, Barcelona is, perhaps, the third force in Spain and far from being one of the top teams in Europe.
* * *
Sindelar & Monti Isaque Argolo | 14/09/2021
During the 30s, one of the best matches between players was Matthias Sindelar vs. Luis Monti. On the one hand, the commander of his teams' offensive actions; on the other a dynamic midfielder of the highest caliber of world football. These two faced each other, both for clubs and for selection, and will fight unique battles, widely captivating. Sindelar always trying to deceive Monti with his actions. And Monti, on the other hand, always trying to stop Sindi.
There are several scenes of this clash, but the one that is most repeated are the attempts of Monto to disarm Sindelar. In a clean way, it was difficult to predict Sindelar's actions, thus Monti constantly applied fouls. The midfielder, moreover, claimed empty excuses that Sindelar had done things before Monti's hits.
* * *
Di Stéfano: Pedernera vs. Erico Isaque Argolo | 27/09/2021
I believe that Di Stéfano never came to a conclusion as to who was better: Pedernera or Erico, the Argentine or the Paraguayan. As mentioned here, Di Stéfano claimed that Erico was a much better player than Pedernera and Pontoni himself. However, in future allegations, Di Stéfano selected Pedernera, in place of Erico as well, as a better player than the Paraguayan. Erico, in fact, was Di Stéfano's greatest idol, but there were times which La Saeta chose the Paraguayan Erico; others he chose Pedernera.
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