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Sindelar's first match for Wiener Amateur S.V.

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From Hertha to Wiener Amateur S.V., Sindelar started a new cycle in his football career. He was acquired in late September 1924 and played his first match in the third round of the championship. The opponent was the strong First Vienna team. At that time, the great aces were not present. In other words, neither Alfréd Schaffer played for Amateur nor Kálmán Konrád, who had transferred to First Vienna, played the match. No, only the future was present: First Vienna's Friedrich Gschweidl and Wiener Amateur's Matthias Sindelar.
The match was played on 05/10/1924, Sunday, at 2:30 p.m., at Ober St. Veit. Until then, a large audience of nearly 20.000 attended the match to honor an exceptional meeting of the forces of Austrian football. 2 : 1
In the first few minutes of the game, Gschweidl, with a shot at close range, scores the first goal of the match. However, the exaggerated combinations of the First Vienna team did not result in more goals. More than two-thirds of the first half had passed when a combination between Sindelar and Hierländer, ending with Sindelar making the last pass, resulted in a Neumann goal. Approximately 16 minutes after the break, Neumann turned the game over to Wiener Amateur.
Wieser Sindelar Cutti
Neumann Hierländer
The offensive formation.
Sindelar's performance wasn't above average, but it wasn't bad, either. The point is that many high expectations were created. The young Sindelar did not manage to stand out in the match.
Sindelar's game was simple, but still resulted in an assist for Neumann's first goal. Sindelar almost always expected the ball; he didn't look much for the game by withdrawing to a position of more freedom, no. Sindelar waited for the ball on his foot and almost always in front of him. Furthermore, he hesitated in some situations to shoot.
However, this was just Sindelar's first test as a Wiener Amateur S.V player. As much as his match did not receive the prominence that the attendance was looking for, Sindelar, nevertheless, deserved a space in the offensive formation of Amateur.