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SK Slavia Praha - Wien-Praha Turnaj 1938
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Wien-Praha Turnaj 1st: 01/01/1938
Wacker Wien - SK Slavia Praha 2-3 (0-2)
Place: Wacker-Platz, Wien.
Referee: Hans Frankenstein(Austria).
Attendance: about 4.500.
Coach: Jan Reichardt.
SK Slavia Praha: Bureš - Černý, Daučík - Vodička, Nožíř, Jezbera - Šimůnek, Svoboda, Bican, Kopecký, Puč.
Goals: Svoboda(2, 30min, 82min), Šimůnek(1, 17min).

The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes:

"Slavia was a better team" - Czech media.

"Bureš kinda reminded us about Plánicka" - Czech media.

The team from Praha had a good match. Bureš was the best player, the goalkeeper had a great performance, even with two goals conceded. Černý performed well if compared to Daučík. In general, the midfield was not great. Vodička seemed not paying attention to the Winger, he could not stop the attacks from the side. Nožíř was not in form to play this match. The best midfielder was Jezbera, he did not do much, but he was still better than Nožíř & Vodička.

"The biggest disappointment, however, was Nožíř" - Czech media.

The combination Šimůnek-Svoboda was something which worked on Slavia. Svoboda scored two goals. Šimůnek also scored and assisted Svoboda in his first goal. The right side of Slavia was better than the left side. Puč performed well, he even was part of Slavia's third goal. Šimůnek was the best winger in this match. Actually, Šimůnek was the best forward alongside Svoboda. Bican did not do much, he did not show his skills and looked like he was dodging almost every play that Slavia started, but still had a good part in Svoboda's second goal. Kopecký was not in form, but still had a good match.

"Bican was not in great mood" - Austrian media.

Wien-Praha Turnaj 2nd: 02/01/1938 FK Austria Wien - SK Slavia Praha 3-2 (2-1) Place: Wacker-Platz, Wien. Referee: Rauch(Austria). Attendance: about 6.000. Coach: Jan Reichardt. SK Slavia Praha: Bureš - Černý(Bouška), Daučík - Vodička(Nožíř, 80min), Průcha, Jezbera - Šimůnek, Svoboda, Bican, Kopecký, Puč. Goals: Šimůnek(1, 14min), Kopecký(1, 87min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: [Note]: Team after the interval: Bureš - Vodička, Daučík - Bouška, Průcha, Jezbera - Šimůnek, Svoboda, Bican, Kopecký, Puč. [Note]: Team after 80 minutes: Bureš - Průcha, Daučík - Bouška, Nožíř, Jezbera - Šimůnek, Svoboda, Bican, Kopecký, Puč. Austria was a better team. Slavia's forwards had problems against Mock & Sesta. Bican did not have a good match again, seemed that nothing was working for him. Bureš had a good match, but he could have saved Sindelar's first goal. This time Daučík was better than Černý, who was replaced by Bouška after the break. The midfield was probably the worst part of the team, only Průcha was fighting against Austria's forwards. Slavia had to fix their midfield because they also did not play a good match against Wacker. The left side of the forwards was better than the right side this time. The plays of Kopecký-Puč created some chances for Slavia. Svoboda did not perform well in the first half. After the interval, Svoboda was better, but still was not good enough. Šimůnek scored a goal and was great in right wing, he was one of Slavia's best players in this match. "Bican was not enough again" - Czech media. Man of the match would be Sindelar or Mock. Slavia's best player was Vlastimil Kopecký.
Wien-Praha Turnaj 3rd: 09/01/1938 SK Slavia Praha - Wacker Wien 2-0 (0-0) Place: Stadion Sparta, Praha. Referee: Šibal(Czechoslovakia). Attendance: about 10.000. Coach: Jan Reichardt. SK Slavia Praha: Bokšay - Černý, Daučík - Vodička, Průcha, Kopecký - Šimůnek, V. Bradáč, Bican, Sobotka, Puč(Jezbera, 30min). Goals: Bican(2, 66min, 80min). The Match, Player Perfomances & Quotes: [Note]: Team after 55 minutes: SK Slavia Praha: Bokšay - Černý, Daučík - Vodička, Průcha, Jezbera - Šimůnek, V. Bradáč, Bican, Kopecký, Sobotka. Bokšay gave a satisfactory match and made quite a few saves. The best defender was, again, Daučík, but Černý also had a great match. Vodička this time had a good performance in the midfield. Kopecký was not used to the "Left Half" position, he was way better when Sobotka was left winger and Kopecký became "Left Inside Forward". Bican did not show much os his skills in this match, but scored two goals giving Slavia a good advantage in the Wien-Praha Turnaj table. Šimůnek was good, but his last 2 matches were better. "The attack performance improved when Kopecky attacked" - Czech media. "The most successful striker was Pepi Bican" - Austrian media. Slavia was a totally different team in the second half. After changing sides, however, Bican started with much more ambition and scored both goals. Kopecký also changed a lot. it was clear that he could improve way more while playing as Inside Forward. "The best man of Slavia was Daučík, who did not make mistakes for the whole match and corrected many different miskates of his teammates.
Wien-Praha Turnaj 4th: 16/01/1938 SK Slavia Praha - FK Austria Wien 5-2 (1-0) Place: Stadion Sparta, Praha. Referee: Dörfler(Czechoslovakia). Attendance: about 12.000. Coach: Jan Reichardt. SK Slavia Praha: Bureš - Černý, Daučík - Vodička, Nožíř, Jezbera - Šimůnek, Svoboda, Bican, Kopecký, Puč(Sobotka). Goals: Bican(3, 45min, 63min, 81min), Šimůnek(2, 59min, 65min).