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Hugo Meisl, 1932: Continental Europe A & B

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-04-08 13:45:49

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In 1932, due to the various ideas of an eventual confrontation between England and Continental Europe in recent years, some specialists set up supposed teams from the Continent for this confrontation. Hugo Meisl, said to be the dictator of Austrian football, who was not far behind in this matter, formed two teams with names he considered the best of recent times. Here are the two teams formed by Hugo Meisl: Team A
Vogl I. Sindelar Adam
Cesarini Hitrec
Samitier Sárosi Borsányi
Sesta Caligaris
Team B
Déri Gschweidl Molzer
R. Hofmann Svoboda
Rosetta Rainer
Of course, just like any other team, this one was questioned a lot by other experts. Some players already in their decline were mentioned by others. Some absences, such as Raimundo Orsi & Giuseppe Meazza, marked these two teamsby Hugo Meisl, too. Well, however, they are still two spectacular supranational teams.